Monday, January 30, 2012

After 23 hours of flight traveling and 4 hours of train traveling, I have been home yesterday. This vacation in China is not as good as I supposed. The main reason is that my visa is posted to an administrative procedure, which means I could not get the visa on the interview day. Although it is impossible to reject normal F1 visa in the past, my concerning is that it may take longer time during Chinese Spring Festival and make me miss the  beginning of the new semester. It really makes me uncomfortable and anxious. My whole holiday is ruined.
Fortunately, my father support me to reassign the return the flight and extend the return date for one week. So I enjoyed the Spring Festival in China with my parents, have the great diner with my maternal grandfather and grandmother, and the warm chat with two friends since high school.
Another byproduct of this fight changing is that I could stay in Japan for 6 hours. Although I cannot go out, it is still interesting to walk around in the airport and shopping in the duty-free shop for local products. The airport is not as big as Beijing`s, but it is really carefully design and operated. There are mini capsule hotel, traditional bath and massage, a great number of duty free products which are not limited to Japan`s. Another interesting thing is that they hired some shopping guides from Taiwan, which could provide guidance service in Chinese to promote sales. Hereby,  I have to concede that the internationalization in Japan, and Taiwan, is much deeper, and more effective, than China, as they have learnt how to open their mind to work for the people from anywhere around the world.