Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recent debate between 360 and Tencent

There are lots of news about IT of China in the past few days. Some of them may disappear after a short time, but one news is really shocking and hard to be omitted by any netizen in China.

Tencent, the most profitable software company in China, is accused by 360, a antivirus software vendor, that its IM software, QQ, scans user`s computer without permission and notice. At the same time, 360 post a short video, in which an 360 engineer is demonstrating a list of file, which are scanned after QQ is started, by "360 Privacy Protector". In order to enhance the result from "360 Privacy Protector", the engineer also uses some Microsoft tool to prove that the result can be trusted. After this video is released, a storm of privacy security began......

Although Chinese people is very tolerant to hash situation and disparate treatment, they cannot keep silent when their personal information is stolen by a commercial organization. Another reason for causing such severe reaction from netizens is that Tencent is said to be have a very high level cooperation and information sharing with Chinese government. As the government has failed to improve people`s livelihood as they promised and is trying to restrict the internet, Chinese people supposes that any company works for the government is dishonest and cannot be trusted.

However, it cannot be as simple as we guess, a company cannot declare a war with any others without benefits. The above video can be also explained as a challenge from 360 to Tencent, not only the kind concerning of user`s personal information. This point is supported by the blog and twitter posted by Hongyi Zhou, the board chairman of 360. Zhou highly admired the contribution from 360 in protecting internet safety and criticized the improper competition and monopolization, which is obviously aim at Tencent.

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