Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to download ringtone from AudioDraft Nokia Tune Contest

I got a new Nokia Lumia 900 and want to use one ringtone(I like Progressive Nokia most) from Nokia Tune Contest. After searching the web, there is not a good guide to tell you how to download them. So I write the following steps, attached screenshot, and hope you enjoy the great works from the contest.

1. Use Google Chrome to open the front page of the contest at Audiodraft;


2. Open JavaScript console;


3. Open Source tab and open “script_player.js”, then set a break point at line 73;


4. play the ringtone you want to download by clicking the little triangle in Audiodraft; then the console will look like the follows; click the variable “data” and copy the link in it.


5. paste the link to a new tab and you could download the ringtone, which is a mp3 file. You could use it as your ringtone by synchronizing it with Zune. Please read this to learn how to set mp3 file as your ringtone on Nokia WP phones.

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