Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RSSI example on TinyOS

The RSSI example is located in $TOSROOT/apps/tutorials/RssiDemo
There are four sub-directories which contains sending client, receiving client and a java based program to read the information.
There are a lot of tutorials online talking about this topic and I will not repeat. If you configured the system properly, you may just type few "make" to get it running. There are only one point other tutorials may omit.

The missing part is when you run the java client, you need to pass the "-coom" to the program. You could run "motelist" first to find out which serial port your device is attached. If your device is attached on COM3, then you could type in the following commands:

$ motelist
Reference  CommPort   Description
---------- ---------- ----------------------------------------
XBOQDNIG   COM4       Port_#0003.Hub_#0005

$ java RssiDemo -comm serial@COM3:telos


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