Monday, March 16, 2009

How to use in a simple way but

Recently, we want to find some pictures used for testing our program. However, provides few pictures which can be used in testing as the sources of most data are limited in an very small domain. So we want to access and find what we want globally. Because of the super firewall called "Golden Shield", using a overseas proxy is required to access to any abroad web site, including
However, I find a simple way to access The method is very very simple! Just append "ncr" (means No country redirect)after the original path, or click the link below:
Here is the offical explianation of the redirection:
Google tries to be smart; sometimes too smart. If google thinks you are from a foreign country or region, it likes to redirect you to your regional google page. For most people, this makes sense. However, if you prefer the generic, english, plain version, this would be very annoying. This worked for me.
1. Open IE
2. Clear your cookies.
3. Allow your system to accept cookies.
4. Navigate to:
Clicking on the Google in English link in google should reset your cookies as well.
For those of you who are interested... the "ncr" probably stands for "no country redirect.

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