Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first work has been labelled a sick tag

I have gotten my first publication few days ago. Instead of exacting and celebrating, I feel a little sorrow and upset. My undergraduate work, action recognition, accepted by ICPR, keep her as the fourth author. I do not care which slot I should be placed, as I know I only initialize the topic and write little code for the idea. My colleagues and formal supervisor put a lot of efforts on it. One day, the paper published, it means our ideas, our implementations and results are highly acknowledged by the computer vision community and other researchers.
But, there are still an individual, doing nothing but keep her name on it. If I were her, I will be very shamed on this, no matter it is intent or not.
You need papers, me too. But if you cannot publish those paper by your own, how could you demand your student to do so?

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