Monday, April 26, 2010

Qt installation for Visual Studio

For professional and express edition.

The steps for a successful integration of Qt in Visual Studio IDE are as follows:


Make sure the platform SDK is installed if using Express Edition of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Express and the platform SDK can be downloaded freely from Microsoft downloads.


Download the Qt library form Nokia’s website and select “LGPL/Free Downloads”;

Although the SDK mentions that its based on MinGW and do not support VS compiler, it does not matter. Qt can be made compatible with VS.


Set the environment variable: “C:\Qt\2009.01\bin” and “C:\Qt\2009.01\qt\bin”. The only thing we need to pay attention is the semicolon between two paths.


Open Visual Studio Command Prompt, which may be located in “Start > Program Files > Visual Studio > Visual Studio Tool > Visual Studio Command Prompt”;

Go to the folder which Qt installed. You may run command “cd c:\Qt\2009.01\qt”;

Type in “configure” and run. This command will configure Qt library for your computer. If you have multiple compiler installed, you may use “configure –platform win32-msvc” to emphasize which compiler you want to use!


Run “nmake” in the command prompt, which may cause lots of time!

This document is based on Kabilen’s instruction! You may contact the author by “”.

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