Sunday, April 11, 2010

You enhanced my strength and confidence, thank you!

Today, another boring Sunday morning, we get up later. Maybe the shopping yesterday consumed to much energy, or the food yesterday have not recover her body from shopping, Coco does not feel well. She sweats out a lot and even wet the bed sheet. I cook some hot food for her, including a bowl of spicy soup, two hot dogs and a cup of coffee. Hope she gonna eat them up, but she disappointed me once more. Whit no other options, I swallow the remainder and go to lab.

Up to now, everything in my life goes well and ordinary, go to lab without propers and cook meals without motivations. But now, it is changes by an Email, the paper was accepted by a conference, which means I have publication now......

New graduate school, new job opportunities and new colleagues/supervisor are waiting for me.....

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